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A forum that connects people to achieve better online privacy. All related topics are welcome, but the primary focus is to support people using findx, the private search engine and Privafox, the private browser. You are most welcome to post your ideas about search, and ask for support.
  • Help and support
    Ask questions about how to use Findx Privacy Control or the Findx Search Engine
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  • Findx Search - beta
    How did you find your findx experience? Give your well-reasoned opinions about Findx, it can involve both positive and negative comments, but in a friendly manner rather than an oppositional one. The purpose of constructive criticism is to improve Findx, to raise and maintain the quality and build a great European search engine.
    RSS Feed 43 discussions 102 commentsMost recent: Sort by date by rrrOctober 21
  • Instant answers ideas
    The list of instant answer ideas. The idea behind instant answers is to give people easy access to information from trusted sources directly in the search results.
    RSS Feed 4 discussions 1 commentMost recent: Integrating Platypus by AlbyntonMarch 28
  • Jump in
    You've joined the findx community - and we get it if you want to stay private - It's OK! But if you want to tell the rest of us about the last time you needed a little privacy, or just say Hi to everybody. Be brave and jump in.
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  • This category is abut the community - our promises, your use of the forum and what we hope to achieve.
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  • How is your setup, what makes you feel most private when you are online, is it cumbersome? All this questions and stories about your way of controlling privacy when you are online.
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