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  • I'll jump in and tell a bit about my self, who else should do it?

    i did te install of the
    but got the gigablast running on port 8000
    i saw that the git is forked from gigablast
    but i took the right git ...
    did i have to run other command than ./gb
  • I'll jump in and tell a bit about my self, who else should do it?

    Hi all..
    just joined !
    curious by nature !
  • Early fan

    I am, apparently, your most dedicated early fan. So please send me your best T-shirt.
  • Do you prefer to find content behind a paywall, or not?

    If it’s the best result, it’s the best result. However, the index should only contain the public information – e.g. the information accessible to people who browse the web.
  • Is it important for you findx has it's own index?

  • Does growing the findx index gives better search results?

    Source a random number of titles from pages in the simple English Wikipedia (simple.wikipedia.org). Keep track of the search results for those page titles. It’s not interesting to see whether Wikipedia itself ranks at the top of these results, but rather what are the other results for those queries over time. Random sourcing of page titles, given a large enough sample size, should provide you with a diverse set of test queries on a broad variety of topics — including some brand pages, obscure niches, and general interest topics.
  • Is it important for you findx has it's own index?

    Definitively yes! Having your index makes you independent from other search engine changes (even just in their access policy).
  • I'll jump in and tell a bit about my self, who else should do it?

    Hello findx community!!!
    I've discovered and commented about findx on reddit.
    I've promised that I'd have contributed back to findx and here I'm.
  • Will things go MyWay, when IT companies own the streets?

    Hi Brian
    First of all, thank you for the interesting discussion regarding Google and capitalistic user-manipulation - it's nice to see others with similar concerns.

    As for your first question: The way I'd imagined Google MyWay had three basic variables in terms of price regulations for interested third parties. The first is the area - prices would go up in a downtown area with a lot of possible buyers of people's routes. The second and third variables are concerned with the user. Obviously there are users who are more vulnerable to advertisements (as you mentioned), and these would be ideal costumers. Furthermore, there are users who are ideal because they actually have a profile that fits what the specific third party has to offer.

    It's funny, because since this is a fictive scenario, I'm still figuring out the possible consequences and actions that surround Google MyWay. In the article on your website, I mentioned how this product might create a vicious circle of controlled exposure, where users are presented with a world based on an algorithmic alterego (Google's understanding of the user), which in turn manipulates their movement in this world, reframing their actions and confirming the user as an individual who is subjected to this algorithmic understanding. But there's also another vicious circle, which I only recently realized, one of strategic consumerism. In the world of Google MyWay, users might benefit from being a consumer, meaning that in order to save money on traffic fee, you might have to buy a cup of coffee from time to time when Starbuck pays for your travels. Carefully selecting when and where to buy things can enhance your attractiveness to interested third parties and thus make you save money on travels.

    Nevertheless, some of the speculations in this critical design are indeed just speculations of a future. But there are definitely elements in Google MyWay that reflect the contemporary business model of Google, which I've tried to expose.
  • First impressions

    Hi :)

    This is my very first post in this forum, I am glad that we are seeing more initiatives towards privacy-focused web experience. The design of Findx is neat and elegant, I especially like the feature with which the internaut can contribute to the relevance of search results. I agree with null, jQuery effects can be cool at first glance, then it gets a bit annoying.. maybe animations should be deactivated with the second loading of search results?

    All the best,