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  • Which messaging apps do you use - and is it private?

    Here is something interesting on topic.

  • Ad blocking - which blocker to use against online tracking?

    Thank you for help Brian,
    the question related to Supercookies in Safari is not relevant as Apple (quietly) solved this issue.


  • More elaborate language support in Findx

    We have recently (last week) activate a more elaborate support for languages and determing which result languages might be useful to you. Previously we would detect which single language seemed to be useful to the user and then give that a 20x boost over any other language, which works reasonably well for monolingual persons and unambiguous queries. For ambiguous queries it could go very wrong. And for multilingual persons it could be sub-optimal.

    More details here: https://www.privacore.com/2018/07/05/language-support-in-findx/

    The full tweaking is not accessible via the frontend yet - we're working on it. But behind the scenes the link above explains what we do if you don't explicitly select the result language.

    If someone can see if we have overlooked something, or encounter results that are hilariously wrong, or has an opinion on this - please tell us here.
  • Ad blocking - which blocker to use against online tracking?

    I would like to join this discussion.

    I would like to start with two examples dated after the EU - GDPR as of 25 of May 2018.

    I'm regularly reading two sites, the Popular Science and Ars Technica. I didn't check in detail where are those site are registered but I suppose they are US. So the first site is placing approximately 400 cookies, no possibility to opt out. The Ars Technica allows some cookie opt out directly on their website, for some other cookies there are redirects to different marketing? companies. One of them stated that I cannot opt out of cookies because I have in Safari enabled the Do Not Track Request. Cannot further comment this as it is a joke or insane?

    I'm using in Safari for Mac and iPhone the KA-Block which works perfectly blocking advertisement. Unfortunately not within the apps as BBC News, Reuters...

    I was looking for a Tracking blocker but found out that users comments on different blockers are various from extremely positive to extremely negative. One example is the Xxxxxxxy, which efficiently block trackers but collects all kind of user information, forward those info on their server eventually selling the collected data (sic!). EFF's Privacy Badger is for Firefox only but today I found FindX. In the past I was avare of FindX as search engine, today I received the DataEthics newsletter and find out about the FindX anti tracking Safari extension. I had a look on settings and as those are complex a bit of help (how to) would be nice.

    Please don't give up your efforts, the future of internet is not looking very bright....

  • Integrating Platypus

    I agree with you, it would be very cool and useful to have semantic instant answer. Why not use Wikipedia or Wikidata for it ? It could save a lot of time.
  • Do you prefer to find content behind a paywall, or not?

    If the paid content in relevant, it should be indexed and displayed. But like your ads, what about having a little flag ? So we could see if it is only available through subscription easily. However, I think that all the websites should be treated as equals (even if you have chosen to not index adult sites and other contents, and I respect that), to avoid filter bubbles to be deployed at search engine scale.
  • Community-powered features

    Because of the immensity of Internet and of the humanity, I don't think you'll be able to handle alone the creation of all the community-requested exits, instants answers and future awesome stuff you will add.
    So, what about making an interface to help create or suggest the "missing" stuff?
    I think to DuckDuckGo's interface (even if development is currently down). Having good features will help retaining the audience, and spread privacy.

    Thank you to provide us a such good project and I hope it will be successful; and if you need some help, I would be glad to help you.
  • Simple calculator and currency conversion

    Hi everyone here,

    I have just tried to convert Russian roubles into euros and in no avail.
    Currency converter is a must for modern search engine.
    I liked the weather info / the only downside is the colour- the colours are so grey and pale, I guess due to Nordic cold climate.)))
  • I'll jump in and tell a bit about my self, who else should do it?

    i did te install of the
    but got the gigablast running on port 8000
    i saw that the git is forked from gigablast
    but i took the right git ...
    did i have to run other command than ./gb
  • I'll jump in and tell a bit about my self, who else should do it?

    Hi all..
    just joined !
    curious by nature !